Jeanne Koré Salvato

          What if, for reasons unknown, somebody said to you, “Think.”  And you thought.  If you think that the things around you make sense, I would say to you—How could you? Who are you, even? Pause.
          But then, Who am I?  What if, for reasons unknown, you want to do something. You don’t do it. You’ve got to wait around for this guy, Godot. And who is Godot? We don’t know, but he’s going to save us.
        He’s a no show. What if we wrote to him? For him? Wrote along without him? Writing Godot
          Let me tell you a story of my own.
          I am everything! And I am nothing. Neither the one nor the other.  How will The One make contact with The Other?
          Will there be any news?