Jeanne Koré Salvato

“¡hat!” you say, upon opening this post.  “Where’s Godot?” (I would like to let that sink in for a minute.)  “Where’s Godot?” could become the new, “Where’s Waldo?”

Where is Waldo? He is with Godot, perhaps at the library where I’m moonlighting, teaching writing after a day of teaching college freshmen at St. John Fisher College.

The New York Review of Books stepped up to the plate (it is the World Series, after all), and became my new guest blogger!

Here is a link provided by the New York Review of Books, which has a total of 15 brief interviews with authors.  You could say that you received 15 blogs in the space of this one!  You could. Or you could think of it as cheating, and if you do, please tune in next week for more about cheating.

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