Jeanne Koré Salvato

ogo:  Hey, Didi, did you hear?  We’re the heroes of a literary blog.  How da ya like that?

Didi:  What’s a hero?  Don’t tell me.  Somebody who hears well.  To hear is heavenly, to err divine.

Gogo:  To err divine?  How can making a mistake be divine?

Didi:  In the old days to err meant to wander.

Gogo:  Oh, we know all about that!  We are two flanneurs, which means we stroll, we loiter, we loaf.

Didi:  And we wait. 

Gogo:  We wait.

Didi:  I imagine that Mme. Blog made a mistake in the name of her blog.  It can’t be writing4godot.  It must be writing2godot and somehow she got her math wrong.   

Gogo:  Anyway, surely he can write on his own. Godot, I mean.  He doesn’t need somebody to write 4 him. 

Didi:  Maybe it’s like in the song, “Swing low, sweet chariot, coming 4 to carry me home.”

Gogo:  No, really?  Godot is coming 4 you?  Take me, take me, Didi.  (Gogo jumps up in Didi’s arms.)

Didi:  I hear there’s a book involved.

Gogo:  A what?

Didi:  It’s called No One is Talking About This.

Gogo:  Oh, yeah. 

Didi:  Have you seen it?

Gogo:  What?

Didi:  The book.

Gogo:  You read a book.  You don’t see it.

Didi:  Have you read it?

Gogo:  No, but I didn’t read it until after I saw it.

Didi: So you have seen it.

Gogo:   Zzzzzzz

Didi:  Wake up!  A book is a book of course of course and no one can talk to a book of course unless the book is the famous, the famous,

Gogo:  Godot!!  Of course.

Didi:  (Leans in.(  I haven’t seen the book because I can’t find it. We are moving.

Gogo:  What is that, moving!

Didi:  Well, you’re in one place and then in another place. 

Gogo:  Just like that?

Didi:  So they say, although I wouldn’t know, not first hand, anyway.

Gogo:  No, we don’t move. 

Didi:  Tell the good people.  Tell them the book is missing.

Together:  No one is talking about this.

Didi:  Although they will be.  Soon.

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